What We Might Hear From The January 6th Committee


In an interview with WNYC, Center on National Security Director Karen J. Greenberg discusses her expectations from the January 6th committee hearings, which began on June 9th.

“I think in part, there’s always a drama about this kind of hearing, so [people]will watch in part for that. I think it’s incumbent upon the people designing the hearings to do things––and they know this––that sort of provoke public conversation, so that people watch more… But I do think that there is something about being a citizen in a country where there was such a disastrous aftermath of an election, and sort of seeing: do the Democrats have their act together? Will there be new facts?

I’ll be listening for some of the details about what was in the documents that have now been released…of who said what to whom in the lead-up to January 6th. I’m looking for what a lot of people are looking for––how can you connect the dots (can you connect the dots?) between the White House and the groups that came to the Capitol? Exactly how tight is that connection, and how many players were in-between?

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