China’s Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Faces Dozens of Lawsuits Alleging Design Theft


Professor and Fashion Law Institute Director Susan Scafidi shares her insight on the business practices of Shein, a Chinese fast-fashion company, in an article by The Wall Street Journal.

In just a few years, the Chinese apparel giant Shein has captured the market for bargain-seeking Gen-Z shoppers by offering huge varieties of cheap apparel every day. Along the way, it has picked up a long list of complaints of copyright theft from big brands and boutique designers.

“Shein is one of several ultrafast fashion retailers that are the new ‘usual suspects’ in design piracy,” said Susan Scafidi, a professor at Fordham Law School and founder of the school’s Fashion Law Institute. The risk of lawsuits is a cost of doing business for such companies, she added.

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