Newsday: Prof. Ian Weinstein Explains Particulars of Grand Jury Proceedings for Thomas Valva Child-Abuse Case


Prof. Ian Weinstein provided the grounds rules for juror and witness conduct for grand jury proceedings for a Newsweek article on the Suffolk County grand jury investigation into the CPS workers overseeing Thomas Valva’s case, which included dozens of reports of abuse. The 8-year-old froze to death on Jan. 17, 2020, after his father and the father’s fiancee forced him and his 10-year-old brother, Anthony, to spend the night in their unheated garage.

Unlike a criminal trial, which is public, grand jury proceedings are secret, and jurors and prosecutors cannot publicly discuss testimony and other matters, said Ian Weinstein, a professor in the Fordham University law school in Manhattan.

Read “Suffolk grand jury could bring criminal charges against CPS workers in Thomas Valva child-abuse case” in Newsday.


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