The Atlantic: Prof. Tanya Hernández on Why It’s Naive to Think Latinos Can’t Be White Supremacists


Professor Tanya Hernández explains the different racial identifications within the Latino culture in an article on the Dallas mall gunman.

This disbelief is naive at best. Racial identity is a social reality, not a biological one, and Hispanic people can be of any racial background. “Latinos are a pan-ethnic group that have very many racial identifications within that grouping. So, you know, we can be Latino by ethnicity, but Latinos are also white, Black, Indigenous, Asian,” Tanya Katerí Hernández, a professor at Fordham Law and the author of Racial Innocence: Unmasking Latino Anti-Black Bias and the Struggle for Equality, told me. “We have white Hispanics, and there are some white Hispanics who hold very white-supremacist views.”

Read “Latinos Can Be White Supremacists” in The Atlantic.


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