The Times of Israel: Prof. Abner Greene Says Courts Will Need to Decide Whether Proposed Laws are “Tantamount to Coercion”


Professor Abner S. Greene was quoted in an article by The Times of Israel discussing the separation of church and state as nearly 1,600 bills nationwide seek to insert religion into public school.

Challenges to many of today’s bills seeking to re-inject religion into schools, including the chaplain bill, are expected. And as they wend their way through the legal system, the courts will need to decide whether any of these laws are tantamount to coercion, said Prof. Abner S. Greene, Leonard F. Manning Professor of Law at Fordham Law School.

“Let’s say a chaplain in a public school — the question will be are they using the position to proselytize… If they tell students to ‘come to Jesus,’ I think this court would strike that down and say that is a pretty core establishment clause violation,” Greene said.

Read “Jewish Activists Lead Charge Against Inserting Religion Back into US Public Schools” in The Times of Israel.


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