Washington Post, The Guardian, AP, NY1: Prof. Deborah Denno Discusses Alabama’s Proposal for Nitrogen Gas Executions


Alabama is seeking to become the first state to execute a prisoner using nitrogen. Nitrogen hypoxia has been authorized as an execution method in Alabama, Oklahoma and Mississippi, but no state has used the method to carry out a death sentence. Professor Deborah Denno gave her thoughts on Alabama’s proposal.

Deborah Denno, a death penalty expert at Fordham Law School, said that unlike lethal injection and electrocution, which have been used for decades, “experts could only speculate about how a state might conduct a nitrogen hypoxia execution.” She said the filed Alabama protocol does not provide answers because of its vagueness and heavy redactions.

“This is a vague, sloppy, dangerous, and unjustifiably deficient protocol made all the more incomprehensible by heavy redaction in the most important places,” Denno wrote in an email.

Read “Alabama describes proposed nitrogen gas execution; seeks to become first state to carry it out” on Washington Post, The Guardian, AP, NY1.


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