CNN: Prof. Bruce Green Argues the Romantic Relationship of District Attorney Does Not Legally Affect Georgia Election Case


Fordham Law Professor Bruce Green, director of the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics, published an op-ed on CNN arguing that former President Donald Trump and the 18 co-defendants in the Georgia election case cannot legally claim that they are being prosecuted unfairly on account of the prosecutors’ alleged relationship with each other.

In the Georgia prosecution of Trump and his co-defendants, an alleged romantic relationship between two top prosecutors seems to be even less of a problem, as far as disinterested prosecutorial decision-making is concerned, than the alleged conflicts of interest that courts ordinarily overlook.

The prosecutors’ relationship, if confirmed, has little, if anything, to do with their attitude toward the defendants; it may have affected Willis’ initial decision to appoint Wade, but beyond that, it has no logical impact on how they are making decisions in the case.

Read “Opinion: Defendants in the Georgia election case have no reason to complain — even if the Fani Willis allegations are true” on CNN.


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