The Washington Post: Prof. Cheryl Bader Discusses How Reversal in Harvey Weinstein Conviction May Help Trump’s Defense


Fordham Law Professor Cheryl Bader is quoted in The Washington Post in an article describing how a New York court tossing out Harvey Weinstein’s conviction may offer a potential avenue of appeal to former President Donald Trump’s attorney’s.

Judges need to carefully consider what evidence gets introduced, making sure that the material is relevant and doesn’t prejudice jurors against a defendant, according to Cheryl Bader, an associate law professor at Fordham Law School. Merchan has tried to “thread the needle to lessen the risk of prejudice in this case,” Bader wrote in an email, pointing to his decision on the “Access Hollywood” video.

But, she wrote, the appeals court’s ruling in the Weinstein case offers “a cautionary reminder in real time for the Trump prosecutors and the judge that bad act evidence can be a risky proposition that could backfire on appeal.”

Read “A N.Y. court tossed Harvey Weinstein’s conviction. Could it help Trump?” in The Washington Post.


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